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July 23rd 2013 - New sponsor

TB InvestGreat news. While preparing for the 2014 season we have landed our first new sponsorship deal. We will be defending the colors of belgian e-commerce investing firm TB-Invest. They will be the prime sponsor and so we'll be wearing their colors on our car. Thanks!

August 3rd 2011 - Still no new car

We still have no new car. Obviously we're keeping you posted of any news when we get it!

May 21st 2011 - Bad News, Jacobs Crashed the Lambo!

End of season for Team Geens-Jacobs. Second pilot T. Jacobs crashed the orange Lamborghini today. We're looking for a replacement Lambo, but this might take a couple weeks... :(

December 25th 2010 - Why I Love Racing Cars

The smell of asphalt early in the morning is better than the smell of fresh dew, and the glint of sunlight on metal more enticing than the gleam of a fine day on water. The growl of a wakening engine and the roar of power as it comes to life to take to the track is like nothing else in the world. Whether it's being behind the wheel or watching the sleek forms of the cars fly by on the smooth track, there is nothing that gets my heart pounding so much as the whole sport of car racing.

Racing cars have a long and beloved history in the Western world, picking up where horse-racing left off and becoming a premiere sport in many countries. As early as 1894, specialized automobiles were being built and raced in Europe and North America, reaching top speeds of 19 km/h (about 30 mph). While we find this laughable today with the speeds our modern racing cars can reach, it was considered incredible in those days.

Incredible amounts of work goes into each car designed for the track, and there are many types of racing cars built specifically for different tracks. I love them all, watching them or driving them and knowing all the skill, talent and dedication put into each car. It takes a true team of experts to build a modern racing car, but seeing the end result and feeling the exhilaration as it roars along the black asphalt makes all those long hours worth it.

I love the power, the design and the history behind the sport and the cars themselves. Each one has a story to tell and each type of race and car takes a deep knowledge and respect of the machine and track. For the true enthusiast, it is one of the finest sports and sporting vehicles in the world.

April 24th 2010 - We bought the tires!

The tires are in, AND the rims are in! Not much more - but here's some AWESOME pics:

January 1st 2010 - Added 3 sponsors for the 2011 season

This may sound a little strange, but even before the start of the 2010 season, we've added 3 sponsores for the 2011 season. That's great news, so even if we don't have a chance to do the 2010 season, we WILL have a chance to do the 2011 season.


October 3rd 2009 - Clutch fixed!

Great news from the Clutch-front, the engine is sounding great, we did have to put in a new clutch, but life is good! We've done some test laps on our two home circuits, and we're consistently beating most of the Porsche's and Vipers. I so hope we can get ready by the start of the season...

September 24th 2009 - Small issue with the car

We just had a small issue with the Lamborghini. It's something with the clutch - and we're still looking at a possible fix. We'll keep you posted for sure!

June 17th 2009 - We bought a car

Actually buying a car is obviously pretty important for a racing team, and we've made the jump - and it's a Lamborghini - a true Exotic Car, maybe not with the best racing history in the last couple decades; but we're looking forward to a first great season in 2010. It's obviously a gamble as it's already June of 2009 - but we're convinced we can do it!

If you're looking for more information on the Lambo: SORRY - we're not giving out any information just yes... ;-)

Oh no - we can give you some info:



It's very, very, very ORANGE! :D

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